1,000,000 OLE AMA & Twitter Space Carnival

OpenLeverage is pleased to announce our Influencer AMA & Twitter Space Carnival. This is a great opportunity for Influencers around the world to showcase OpenLeverage’s potential to their community while enabling their communities to earn OLE. During the Carnival, users can visit different Influencers, participate in their communities, and earn OLE rewards!

In order to support these endeavors, we will offer 1 million OLE rewards to be distributed to Influencers when they host their own Twitter Space and AMA on Discord or Telegram to promote OpenLeverage in their communities.

Influencers can also request a member from the OpenLeverage team to join for Twitter Space and AMA events. If we experience a high volume of requests and cannot attend, we will send you a template from previous events and provide you with our website and tutorials to learn more about us before your event. We can also assist in retweeting your event through our official Twitter account.

Influencers have two options for hosting:

  • Option A: 100 OLE per address, up to 10K OLE per community for text AMA.
  • Option B: 300 OLE per address, up to 30K OLE per community for the Twitter Space event. There must be at least 50 community members online at the same time during the event to receive OLE rewards.

Application and deadline:

Influencers must fill out this form to host a Twitter Space or AMA by Wednesday, June 29th at 4 PM (UTC).

Events need to be conducted by Sunday, July 3rd at 10 PM (UTC). Events hosted after this date will not be eligible for rewards.



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