$184,994 Worth of BNB Payout to Invi-League Winners of Epoch Two

Payouts are given to winners from Epoch 2 of the Invitation League, March 29-April 19.

At the end of Epoch 2, we saw nearly 6 thousand members contributing to the continued success and explosive growth of the OpenLeverage community. These members conducted more than 43 thousand trades, $195 million in trading volume, and pushed our TVL past $12 million.

While our Invi-League Epoch One paid out 30 winners’ addresses with $7,153.09, the payout for the Invitation League for Epoch 2 is a staggering $184,993.58 worth of BNB distributed directly to 72 winners’ addresses. Congratulations to all the winners!

The biggest payout was to address ox85…08bc, with $80,174.76.

Invitation League Changes for Epoch 3

In order to invite friends, referrers must have an active Referral Link or Referral Code. Referral Link and Referral Code are active 72 hours after the initial trade. Epoch 3 will have scores reset, and only volume from new invited addresses during Epoch 3 is counted. Epoch 3 starts on April 19 @ 12 PM UTC to May 10 @ 12 PM UTC. You can check the rules for Invitation League here.

The Invitation League ranks referrers within each market based on a referral score that represents their invited friends’ lending and trading volume. 46.6% of the trading fees are distributed to the top 3 referrers at the end of each epoch. Each epoch lasts 21 calendar days.

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