Aloha Summer Trading and BNB Epoch

2 min readJun 21, 2022

It’s time to ring in the summertime and say “ALOHA” (hello) to lending and margin trading with OpenLeverage. We’re launching a new campaign that enables all members to participate and explore different projects.

OpenLeverage will offer 5,000,000 OLE rewards for members, which will be distributed as 3,500,000 OLE for the Summer Trading Campaign and 1,500,000 OLE for the Summer Lending Campaign.

With the recent strategic investment from Binance Labs, we are enabling 16 pairs to earn 50% extra rewards for trading in our BNB Epoch.

The campaign will last for 15 days, from June 21, 2022, at 12 PM UTC to July 5, 2022, at 12 PM UTC. So grab a cold drink, sit back and relax, and start trading with OpenLeverage this summer!

Aloha Summer Trade Early For More

Members who open positions with trading volume levels during the campaign will be awarded the corresponding OLE rewards and calculated by the trading volume of a single transaction, not the cumulative volume. If your transaction does not meet the minimum requirement, then you will not be rewarded.

Undiluted rewards levels are shown here.

The total reward for the trading campaign is 3,500,000 OLE. Each address can earn a maximum of 30,000 OLE rewards. When the number of rewards earned exceeds the rewards pool, all rewards will be diluted according to the Trading Rewards on Volume formula.

Aloha Summer Lend to Get Rewards

We have selected 49 top pairs on the BNB Chain and KCC with TVL over $500k, excluding pairs that have been trading for less than a month. These pairs will share 1,500,000 OLE lending rewards, with different rewards for each pair according to the trading volume of the pairs in the last 7 days.

Lending and Rewards Pairs here

Rewarded pairs will have the “Reward” tag and show the “Reward Ratio.” The formula used to calculate the reward for each user can be found here.

Referral Program and Clans Clash Invitational

Invite your friends to join the Clans Clash Invitational, where 46.6% of the trading fees will be distributed to the 3 top clans at the end of each epoch. Of the pool, first place will receive 50%, second place will receive 30%, and third place will receive 20%.

The Referral Program is also live, where you can get up to 25% of your friend’s rewards. For example, if your friends earn 100 OLE rewards, you can earn 25 OLE. Your friends earn, and you can get rewarded, too.

Invite your friends to maximize your rewards and start trading here.

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