First Weekly Mission is here!

HEY! We are upgrading OpenLeverage space station. Voluntary missions are now open.

You got a letter from Argos:

Hey buddy, you might have guessed, the OpenLeverage space station is upgrading, but I need some helping hands here. I know that there are so many smarties in the universe. Are you interested in helping out and continuing the upgrade?

I surely will never forget all your help. When our space station finishes the upgrade, I will also remember the feedback.

In the upcoming weeks, I will make a list of the things I need. Anyone can choose to participate in whichever task they like. Remember, remember, there is no door to enter participation. All you need is:
1. Complete the task;
2. Let me know!

Here I listed the helps I need this week. Can you help?

Weekly Mission WM-1

1. Help us on Twitter

Step1: Follow @OpenLeverage on Twitter
Step2: Like and retweet our Pinned Tweet
Step3: In the Discord #Weekly Mission channel, submit your screenshots (or links), and your wallet address (ERC20)
Step4: After we complete the Token Launch, I will give each of you 10 OLE
(We reserve these OLEs to 500 smarties. We will randomly select people from all the submitted addresses if the number of participants far exceeded.)

2. Help to perfect our products

Step1: Use the OpenLeverage testnet to get the test (You may do borrowing, opening, closing, and or adding liquidity.)
Step2: Find a flaw in the product or make a product suggestion.
Step3: In the Discord #Weekly Mission channel, submit your testing TxHash and your findings and advice, and leave your wallet address (ERC-20).
Step4: If your discovery or suggestion got accepted, I would transfer 100 OLE to you as a reward.

Deadline: Aug 18th.

Please be aware that there’s no $OLE token sale yet, and it’s necessary to know that the $OLE also will not be launched with the mainnet and will be separately launched later. So, be cautious of the fake coins!

All Weekly Mission rewards will be airdropped after $OLE be launched.

Dude, remember to complete the task and be sure to tell me.
Find me in Discord and put in your information.
Remember to submit all your inputs in the #Weekly Mission channel!



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