Genesis Markets Voting Results and Winners

Greetings From Argos!

Last week, we asked our community members to help us pick tokens for the OpenLeverage Protocol Launch, and the results are in!

We received an overwhelming 12,479 responses to the Genesis Markets, and after trimming down those that did not meet the requirements (ERC-20 token on Ethereum; have tradable pairs on Uniswap V2 or V3; No BTC and ETH) the final count was 6,850 valid responses.

We compiled a list with the first tokens to go live on the Genesis Markets on OpenLeverage:

  • WBTC
  • ETH
  • UNI — Uniswap
  • DYDX — dYdX Exchange
  • OHM — Olympus
  • FLOKI — Floki Inu
  • SHIB — SHIBA Inu
  • PEOPLE — ConstitutionDAO

We thank our community for your participation and votes! If your coin is not on the list above — no problem! OpenLeverage allows anyone to create a pair of lending pools to support lending for margin trading for arbitrary pairs with sufficient liquidity on Uniswap V2 and V3.
Try it on our official website:

Argos would like to thank the community for their support and we have awarded 1,000 randomly selected users 500 $OLE.

Winners List

Note: The total distribution of $OLE is one billion. $OLE rewards will be distributed at a later date at token launch.

Reminder: OpenLeverage Launch on December 20!

To encourage our community to participate in our launch, we will retroactively reward our community based on protocol usage, for example, margin trading, lending, market creation, and liquidation facilitation. The reward will be in our native token, $OLE.

To get involved and stay up to date:

Find frequently asked questions here.




A permissionless decentralized lending and margin trading protocol.,

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A permissionless decentralized lending and margin trading protocol.,

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