Halloween Candy Drop Carnival

Greetings OLErs!

There are no zombies or ghosts here, but the new trick-or-trade vibe. Let’s get into the Halloween spirit and welcome the season of treats and trades together!

Dates: Now — November 6, 12:00 UTC

🎃 Treat: Grab your Halloween candies

Complete the Quest3 tasks and get your airdrops of 100 OLE (💰50,000 OLE prize pool).

Link: https://app.quest3.xyz/event/700910435813613757

🎃 Trade: Share Your Position — Get OLE rewards

Users who open position(s) on OpenLeverage with or more than $100 and share their positive PNLs with the invitation link to any social media platform (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc.) during the campaign period will receive 200 OLE each (💰30,000 OLE prize pool).

Steps >>>

1. Connect your wallet with OpenLeverage.

2. Go to “Margin Trade,” and choose a trading pair to start.

3. Select “Long” or “Short” and adjust the leverage with the slider.

4. Click “Approve” and “Long/Short with leverage” to open the position.

5. Click “My Positions” in the menu bar to view your position’s PNL.

6. Click on the “Share My PNL” icon, and with one click, you can easily show how much you’ve earned with your friends.

7. Or go to “Lend to Earn” and select any lending pool. Click on the “Share” icon to share the Interest & Reward Ratio from the lending pool.

8. Once you share your trading PNL or interest earned on your social media, send a screenshot in our Discord at #Halloween-backyard channel to get the entry.

🎃 Wheel of Fortune

A lucky draw will be hosted in the OpenLeverage Discord #Halloween-party channel on All Hallows Eve. Participants who post their screenshots on the channel will get a ticket to join the lucky draw, and 10 lucky winners will equally share 20,000 OLE.



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