Influencer Hack on Arbitrum

2 min readFeb 15


With strong community support, OpenLeverage has been deployed on Arbitrum.

OpenLeverage will now enable leveraged trading for the Arbitrum ecosystem. Members will now have access to more decentralized exchanges and create any market that has depth, as well as lend, long or short any token pair available on Arbitrum.

To spread the word about our deployment, we are launching the Influencer Hack program on Arbitrum. This campaign will last 21 days, from February 15 to March 8.

Influencers: Tweet and Invite

We are providing 300,000 OLE rewards on a first come-first served to active Influencers who are in the crypto space and have more than 2,000 followers on Twitter. The 300,000 OLE reward will be divided according to the invitation score shown below:

The earlier you participate, the higher the points you will have added to your score. If you participate on the first 6 days, you will have an additional bonus to your score:

Additionally, you will receive 20% of trading fees as a bonus from users who enter OpenLeverage through your referral link, along with 15% referral rewards.

Participate in the Influencer Program

  1. Go to the “Influencer Hack” page at:
  2. Click on the “Participate Now” button
  3. Click on the “Tweet to invite your friends” button to tweet your message
  4. Copy the link to the tweet you have just posted and paste it into the OpenLeverage page
  5. Success! Now you can see how many people you’ve invited and your rewards!

If it is unsuccessful, please note whether your Twitter account has 2,000+ followers, has been registered for over 3 months, has more than 4 tweets posted in the month before to the event, and whether your link is correct.

Community: Lend and Trade

OpenLeverage will offer 380,000 OLE as trading and lending rewards on Arbitrum, with an additional 3% invitation bonus from your referral invite (using their referral code). Community members who trade will also get rewarded from participating projects.

Use the TokenPocket wallet to trade and earn an extra 5% on your trades during this event.

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