$OLE Rewards Made Transferable with Solv NFT Vouchers

3 min readMar 14, 2022


$OLE from BNB Chain Trading and Lending Rewards Campaign can be collected via NFT Vouchers with partner Solv Protocol.

When OpenLeverage launched on the BNB Chain, we launched the first phase of our BNB Chain Trading and Lending Rewards Campaign.

To incentivize market liquidity and trading volume on the BNB Chain, we distributed 500,000 $OLE rewards to lenders and traders based on participation. The campaign lasted from February 22 — to March 1, 2022.

A total of 1,470 addresses received rewards during the campaign, 146 of which received over 200 $OLE. These 146 addresses earned a combined 478,268.006 $OLE. As per the previous campaign description, half of the rewards, 239,134.003 $OLE, will be locked into an NFT issued by Solv Protocol. The lock-up period is one year.

The partnership with Solv Protocol has enabled OpenLeverage to mint $OLE rewards as NFTs rewards for their community. This NFT will be fractionalized and distributed to these 146 users with more than 200 $OLE in rewards during the campaign. These NFTs can be transferred and traded with Solv Protocol.

NFT smart contract address: 0x0a0C7C7d8faA70e6D88aab1663b40DA88115c228

The remaining 260,865.997 $OLE will be airdropped upon token release.

What are the benefits of issuing $OLE through Vesting Vouchers?

When $OLE tokens are launched through NFTs with Solv Protocol, they serve as proof of access to $OLE rewards and can be redeemed after the lock-up period.

Vesting Vouchers create a more accessible mode of allocating $OLE tokens while making the whole process open, transparent, and fraud-free for our community.

When members receive their $OLE via Vesting Vouchers, they can freely choose to lock their position in $OLE or transfer it in Solv Protocol Vouchers marketplace, allowing users to transfer $OLE before it completes its coin offering.

You can read more about Vesting Vouchers here.

How to transfer or trade NFTs via Solv Protocol

OpenLeverage will notify when the tokens will be distributed through Solv Protocol. Please check whether the NFTs are available in your account. If they are not there, your rewards will be redeemed as tokens from the OpenLeverage website.

  • Under AccountMy Assets, you can view your OLE Voucher and select OLE Voucher to List and Transfer.
  • You can view the NFTs available for trading under Market Place. Under Select a Voucher, select OLE Vesting Voucher for trading.

About Solv Protocol

Solv Protocol is a decentralized marketplace for the minting and trading of NFTs that represent financial ownership. Through Solv Protocol’s smart contract, digital assets like ERC-20 tokens and ERC-721 could be transformed into financial NFTs as vouchers, which are fractionalized for quantitative operations such as splitting and merging, thus enabling various financial scenarios. These NFTs can be traded or transferred on Solv Protocol.

You can read more about Solv Protocol here.




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