OLE World Cup ‘22 Trading Game

Join OpenLeverage as we kick off the OLE World Cup ‘22 Trading Game!

What’s the game?

As we celebrate the Qatar World Cup 2022, 32 token pools have been created, with TEAM/OLEWC22 pairs (e.g., FRA/OCWC22, ENG/OCW22, etc.), for players to margin trade on to bet on which team will win the World Cup of this campaign.

We’re distributing 1,000,000 OLE to initiate a jackpot that will accumulate all OLE buy-ins to be shared by position size in the winning TEAM/OLEWC22 pair, representing the winning team of the Qatar World Cup.

Bet on each game to increase your stake

Before every match, the total circulation of OLEWC22 tokens and your long position at all pairs will be captured as a snapshot.

A day after each match, additional OLEWC22 tokens will be airdropped to the long-position holders of the winning team pair. 10% of the current circulation will be airdropped each game during the group stage, 15% for the round of 16 and quarter-finals, and 30% for the semi-finals. If a match result is a draw, teams will split the percentage of the OLEWC22 airdrop (e.g. 10%/2 = 5% to each side).

Make sure you participate as much as possible to increase your stake in OLEWC22, so you can have more stake to win in the final.


You swap 10,000 OLEWC22 with 10,000 OLE before the start of the game.

In the match between Qatar and Ecuador, you hold 4X LONG 20000 QAT position, and Qatar wins, at which point there is a total of 1,000,000 OLEWC22 in circulation, so 3% or 30,000 OLEWC22 will be distributed to all QAT/OLEWC22 long position holders. With a total of 500,000 QAT in all positions backing Qatar, you will receive 20,000/500,000*30,000 = 1,200 OLEWC22.

All your OLEWC22 tokens will be used to trade on the final game to qualify for the jackpot prize.

Buy-in to share the increasing jackpot

You can exchange OLE into a trading game token OLEWC22 here. The exchange rate starts at 1:1 and will inflate at half the emission rate for the match winners’ airdrop.

OLEWC22 will NOT be exchangeable back to OLE.


  • You DON’T get any rewards or airdrops by holding the OLEWC22 token. You need to open a long position of the team pairs to join the game.
  • The more games you play, the more OLEWC22 you will receive through the airdrops.
  • You can hold long positions on multiple teams simultaneously to get rewards.
  • Don’t worry too much about diluting your rewards if you lose in a row, as the OLEWC22 will get cheaper and cheaper, and you’ll still have a chance to turn it around!
  • Remember to trade on the team before the World Cup Final to be eligible to win any rewards!



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