OpenLeverage Council Member Nomination Starts

As the OLIP-3 Proposal of OpenLeverage Community Council has passed with a majority, we are excited to start nominations for new council members to help grow and launch OpenLeverage toward its first step of decentralization and need your help and input.

Community: Tag Your Candidates

To encourage participation on our first council, we will provide 100,000 OLE prize pools to community members when they retweet this and tag three candidates you think will be great candidates as OpenLeverage Council members. Community members share in the 20,000 OLE prize pools for each of their nominated candidates who get elected.

To enter the prize pool, community members can either:

  1. Quote this tweet, tag up to three candidates, and submit the tweet link in the #nominate-others channel on Discord; OR
  2. Tag up to three outstanding candidates in the Discord #nominate-others channel.

Candidate: Nominate Yourself

We’re looking for one councilor in each following domains:
- Product and tokenomics design
- Decentralized technology
- Marketing
- Business development
- Crypto trading

OpenLeverage will provide $800 in OLE as a monthly stipend, along with acknowledgment of being a part of the Community Council that advises improvements for OpenLeverage.

Candidates must nominate themselves with:

  1. Pitch in Discord (#self-nominations) to explain what role you are applying for and why you are suited for the role.
  2. Quote this tweet and advocate for the first OpenLeverage Council nomination. The number of LIKES you get will be a strong index to the OpenLeverage community in the voting process later.

Election Debate and Timeline:

Nominations for the upcoming election will be open until Monday, 12 September @ 10 AM UTC.

On 12 September at 12 PM UTC, there will be an election debate in Discord #council-chat for candidates to introduce themselves to the broader community and discussion with each other in real-time to show their abilities and competencies to develop improvements for OpenLeverage. Thirty-minute sections will be provided to answer topics on streams of product and tokenomics design, decentralized technology development, marketing, business development, and crypto trading.

Community voting will start at 2 PM, 12 September UTC.



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