OpenLeverage Dune Dashboard Design Contest

2 min readOct 3, 2022


We’re calling on all OpenLeverage community members and Dune fans to utilize their talents by making the best Dune Dashboard for OpenLeverage!

Contest Rewards

The best 20 submissions voted by the community will be rewarded with a total of 150,000 OLE (about $4,650) rewards, plus a direct link to their chart from the OpenLeverage dApp.

Ranking will be voted by the OpenLeverage community, and the rewards will be allocated:

🥇 1st place: 20,000 OLE
🥈 2nd place: 16,000 OLE
🥉 3rd place: 10,000 OLE
4th & 5th places: 7,000 OLE each
6th-20th places: 6,000 OLE each

You’re Invited to Create

The chart features unique analytical sections that present visualizations of key OpenLeverage metrics. For example, you can start with a historical TVL and the number of unique wallet interactions (users) on the platform.

More possible charts, but not limited to:

  • Total value locked (TVL)
  • Annual percentage yield (APY)
  • Total trading volume
  • Trading volume by market
  • Markets created
  • Token circulation
  • Fees collected (Total, 7d, and 24h)
  • Distinct trader’s volume
  • Number of trades/positions
  • Daily traders by market
  • Utilization rate
  • Liquidations
  • Trading trends
  • Daily new/recurring/active users and their 7d average

Submission and Voting

All submissions should be based on one Dune query/one chart. See the example from SudoSwap. All submissions will join a community vote. Members can submit multiple queries for voting.

Submission period: 3–24 October @ 10 AM UTC
Voting Time: 7–10 November

Judging Criteria

The OpenLeverage community will vote for the best charts and will evaluate each submission based on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy of data and completeness: key data is accurate and the analysis is complete.
  • Clarity and logic of charts: visualization and data are explained well and easily read.
  • Originality: analysis shows the originality and thoughtfulness of the submitter.
  • Functionality: dashboard will need to work flawlessly with the OpenLeverage dApp’s design language.

How to submit:

Post the link to your designed chart on the Discord #dashboard channel. The smart contract code and documentation are available on GitHub if you’re already familiar with Dune.

We look forward to implementing your chart to help our community keep track of key OpenLeverage metrics!