OpenLeverage Global Localization Ambassador Election

3 min readSep 22, 2022


With the formation of the first elected OpenLeverage Community Council, we are happy to announce the upgraded OpenLeverage Global Localization Ambassador Program to work alongside the Council — our initiative to drive awareness and spotlight local communities of OpenLeverage supporters!

We’re looking for elite KOLS, crypto community owners, crypto influencers, YouTubers, growth hackers, advisors, accelerators, and anyone who has been contributing to the growth of thriving crypto sectors like DeFi. We’re especially interested in Ambassadors that understand the culture and speak the languages of these countries: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Ambassadors will be supervised by the OpenLeverage Community Council and Core team.

Community: Tag Your Candidates (KOLs preferred)

If you know someone who fits, spread the word to them! If you do find us an ambassador and they are selected, there will be a referral fee of 2,000 OLE for each ambassador’s referrer, which will be paid out in 2 stages: 50% upon candidate starting and 50% once the candidate is retained for four epochs.

How to successfully refer a candidate?
Retweet this post.
2. Tag 3 KOLs on Twitter, then send your tweet link to #nominate-others channel.
3. Candidate MUST nominate himself/herself in #self-nominations channel and tag you as the referrer. Only referrer tagged by Ambassador will be rewarded.

Candidate: Nominate Yourself

If you think you meet our requirements, we’d love to hear from you:

👉 Nominate yourself here (Discord #self-nominations channel)

OpenLeverage will provide $400 in OLE as a monthly stipend, along with an official acknowledgment of being part of a focused team that creates positive changes in the community.

When nominating yourself to become an Ambassador, you will be required to pitch yourself in to submit your information following this format:

  • Name
  • Country/Region
  • Language(s) you speak
  • Self-pitch and your profile link
  • How would you expand the OpenLeverage influence in your local country?
  • (Optional) Referred by (Twitter/Discord user ID)

Ambassador Responsibilities

  1. Independently developed OpenLeverage local business and provide branding and operational support. Lead the marketing growth efforts in your area.
  2. Sourcing, nurturing, and attracting the right target people to join OpenLeverage by your invitation code.
  3. Develop engaging and insightful content in the form of videos, articles, graphic designs, podcasts, or other forms of artistic production to be featured on your and our platform and educate new users and community members.
  4. Grow your local community by translating official documents; hosting and organizing online/offline events.
  5. Lead and moderate the OpenLeverage Discord channels;

Support from the Team

If you would like to host an event for your subscribers/followers to grow both our communities, we will support you by providing funding for hosting local promotional events, participating in $OLE giveaways, and providing bonus rewards to you for inviting your followers to lend and trade, as well as attending online events as speakers (proposal reviewed by the Community Council).

Election Process

The nomination process will remain open until September 28th.

Candidates will be invited to a panel with the OpenLeverage Community Council members on 29 September. Selection will be dependent upon council representatives who vote for the top six qualified candidates, with a simple majority vote required to select ambassadors.

See you soon on the team of Ambassadors!