OpenLeverage Influencer Engagement Program

With help from great influencers, the cryptospace has progressed into a more positive place. Cryptocurrency is being recognized by more people, and people from all walks of life and regions all around the world are joining our community.

With the unprecedented growth of the crypto world, OpenLeverage is getting more recognition. We started off as just an idea, but have created a foundation with more than $12 million TVL, $250 million in total transaction volume, 33K followers on Twitter, and 17.7K users on Discord.

We would not be able to achieve all this without the help and support from influencers who saw OpenLeverage for what it is — a permissionless margin trading protocol that will change how users will trade in the DeFi space.

What can you expect from the program?

Once you successfully join our program, you have the following benefits as an OpenLeverage Influencer.

We would also encourage you to participate in our campaigns, where you’ll be rewarded:

  • After you become verified, you will be eligible to claim 1,000 $OLE from our website.
  • Referral Program, where addresses can get up to 25% of their friends’ rewards. For example, if your friends earn 100 OLE tokens, you can earn 25 OLE tokens. Your friends earn and you can get rewarded, too.
  • Invitation League, where 46.6% of the trading fees will be distributed to the 3 top referrers at the end of each epoch. Of the pool, first place will receive 50%, second place will receive 30%, and third place will receive 20%. We have paid out more than US$185K at the conclusion of our last epoch.
  • Engagement with our community, Influencers who participate in our Influencer Engagement Program also have the option to do AMAs and connect with our community at a deeper level.

How To Join

If you are a KOL in crypto space and have more than 3,000 followers on Twitter, you can join our Influencer Engagement Program through these simple steps:

  1. Follow us on and send us a DM to say ‘Hi’.
  2. Join our Discord:
  3. Fill out this form:
  4. Wait for the team to verify

We will come back with a result to you via Twitter in 3 working days, so please make sure it’s accurate.

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