OpenLeverage Partners with MojitoSwap

As the biggest DEX on the KuCoin Community Chain with over $53M TVL and over $2M daily trading volume, MojitoSwap is rich with features that let users earn and win tokens. It is fast, cheap, and easily accessible.

To kick off our partnership, OpenLeverage will offer margin trading and lending for pairs on MojitoSwap. Please be on the lookout for the campaign through our social media channels. Members can see tutorials for trading and lending $MJT here.

Since our successful launch on Ethereum mainnet in December 2021, the BNB Chain in February 2022, and more recently onto KCC in April 2022, we have been improving the protocol and interface in the best interest of our community. We currently have grown to more than $166 million trading volume, $10 million in TVL, with thousands of active addresses.

About MojitoSwap

MojitoSwap adopts AMM mechanisms to provide users with a KRC20 token exchange service. You can swap mainstream assets such as ETH, KCS, MJT, USDC, and USDT.

The service provided by MojitoSwap is decentralized. The difference between DEX and centralized exchanges is that users can complete the exchange of crypto assets without registering or logging in. Compared with Ethereum and Bitcoin networks, MojitoSwap has lower gas fees and faster transaction speed.

About OpenLeverage

OpenLeverage, a permissionless lending and margin trading protocol, is deployed on Ethereum, the BNB Chain, and KCC, with future multi-chain deployments planned. The permissionless design of the protocol allows users to launch a leverage trading market for arbitrary trading pairs, integrating with the liquidity provided on decentralized exchanges. OpenLeverage provides a permissionless, decentralized, scalable, and secure leveraged trading facility that serves the long tail and fast-growing DeFi market.

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