OpenLeverage Teams Up with Dmail Network

3 min readNov 9, 2023

We at OpenLeverage are thrilled to unveil a pioneering partnership with Dmail Network, marked by a unique campaign designed to unite and reward our communities. This initiative is a collaboration and a venture into creating a more cohesive ecosystem between two innovative forces in the Web3 domain.

Empowering Integration with Dual Campaign

Our collaboration is underpinned by a shared vision: to deepen the synergy between our users and to enrich their experience with real benefits. By leveraging each other's strengths, OpenLeverage and Dmail seek to spur collective growth, increase user engagement, and celebrate the dedication of our users through a rewarding system tailored to their participation.

Here's an in-depth look at our dual-tiered campaign:

The Subscriber Reward with OLE

To honor the active participants of our network, OpenLeverage is setting aside 50,000 OLE tokens. These will be distributed among 100 active subscribers of our dedicated Dmail address,, on the premise that they are also existing users of Dmail. This reward will be selected through a random draw from the subscriber pool provided by Dmail, adding a thrill of chance to our community's engagement. Winners will claim their OLE tokens via the OpenLeverage platform, seamlessly integrating with our service.

Exclusive NFT Domain Giveaway

Complementing our token initiative, Dmail will generously offer 100 NFT domains reserved for loyal OpenLeverage users who are subscribers to The OpenLeverage team will ensure a fair selection by filtering current OpenLeverage users from new subscribers, after which the Dmail team will conduct the selection process. This will solidify the relationship between our users and platforms, providing a seamless experience across both ecosystems.

When the Campaign End

The campaign ends on 16 Nov, Thur 23:00 UTC.

Steps to Claim Your Rewards

Eligible winners can initiate the claim process for the OLE tokens at [OpenLeverage Rewards](

To receive your Dmail NFT Domain, winners will follow the claiming procedure at [Dmail Presale](

Spotlight on Dmail Network

Dmail Network has emerged as the leading Web3 communications platform, orchestrating an AI-driven decentralized infrastructure. They offer encrypted email services, a unified notification system, and targeted marketing solutions spanning multiple chains and applications. With backing from prestigious investors such as HashKey Capital and Draper Dragon, Dmail Network stands out with their win at the 2021 Wanxiang Hackathon and their receipt of the inaugural BNB Chain Grant. They support a myriad of projects and have a rapidly growing user base, now standing at over 4 million.

About OpenLeverage

OpenLeverage is at the forefront of permissionless lending and margin trading protocols, fusing aggregated DEX liquidity for an optimized trading experience. Our protocol facilitates the effortless creation of lending pools, supporting various trading strategies across DEXs. Since our launch in December 2021, we've celebrated surpassing $1 billion in trading volume and have cultivated a strong community with over 130,000 Twitter followers and 30,000 Discord members. As a project incubated by Binance Labs and supported by DWF Labs, Ventures, and other notable investors, we are steadfast in our commitment to security and innovation.