Second Weekly Mission is here!

Greetings from Argos.

Two weeks ago, Argos released the first Weekly Mission of our space station. Yesterday, we announced the list of all the winners. Applaud to more than 5,000 helping hands, and we are so grateful for your support.

The Second Weekly Mission is here. We need your support on:

Write an article for

Step1: Use the OpenLeverage test-net to experience our dApp (You may do borrowing/opening/closing/adding liquidity.)
Step2: Write an article about your experiences (not less than 200 words)
Step3: Post your article on any Crypto-related forum or social media (such as bitcointalk, 4Chan, Medium, etc.)
Step4: In the Discord #Weekly Mission channel of OpenLeverage, submit your article link
Step5: If we think your article was profound, for example, in terms of the number of impressions, comments generated, deep discussions generated. After we complete the Token Launch, Argos will give you 200 OLE (Friendly reminder: not every article will be rewarded, we hope to award the deep thinkers.)

Please remember to complete the task and be sure to let us know by UTC 24:00 Wednesday, September 1st.
Argo is patiently waiting for your responses in Discord.

Remember to join our Discord if you haven’t done so. In the #Weekly Mission channel, you may submit your article link.



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