Spread the Word Event

A GREAT “THANK YOU” to our community!

Over 6 thousand addresses have interacted with OpenLeverage by lending or margin trading. We want to encourage everyone to try out the features of OpenLeverage and see how easy it is to lend or trade with our permissionless margin trading protocol.

For our special Spread the Word Event, we encourage our members to introduce OpenLeverage to their friends so that they’ll be able to participate while getting rewarded. In addition to the Referral Program and Invitation League, we’re offering more rewards to members who invite new members to participate in lending and trading on OpenLeverage by rewarding them in OLE at the corresponding level.

Please note only new addresses that trade or lend $100 or more on OpenLeverage will be counted. New members also must have BNB in their trading wallet (snapshot on April 26 at 10:00 AM UTC) to be able to participate.

The campaign will last for 7 days, from April 26 2022, at 12:30 PM UTC to May 3, 2022, at 12:30 PM UTC.

Invitation bonus levels are as follows:

Level 1: Invite 5 addresses (2,500 OLE Reward)
Level 2: Invite 7 addresses (3,850 OLE Reward)
Level 3: Invite 10 addresses (6,000 OLE Reward)
Level 4: Invite 20 addresses (14,500 OLE Reward)
Level 5: Invite 50 addresses (40,000 OLE Reward)
Level 5: Invite 75 addresses (67,500 OLE Reward)
Level 6: Invite 100 addresses (100,000 OLE Reward)

Each user can earn up to 100,000 OLE.

The Spread the Word Event will have a maximum of 1,000,000 OLE rewards. When the number of rewards earned exceeds 1,000,000 OLE, all rewards will be diluted according to the formula below:

diluted rewards = undiluted reward * (1,000,000 / earned total reward)

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A permissionless decentralized lending and margin trading protocol. https://openleverage.finance/, http://discord.gg/openleverage.