The Principle of OpenLeverage Tokenomics


Community Driven Growth

Since the early stage of the project, the OpenLeverage Protocol has aimed to be a highly decentralized financial infrastructure.

Inspired by other successful permissionless DeFi products, such as Uniswap and Compound, we have committed to building a true permissionless, secure, and essential components for an era with a widely accessible market, without high maintenance cost or counterparty risk.

Since we launched the testnet, our community has well-received the concept. The positive feedback gave us the confidence that there is considerable demand for a permissionless lending and margin trading financial services:

Total Distribution

​​One billion $OLE will be minted at token launch and accessible over four years. 55% is allocated to community members.

A Retrospective

A retroactive reward will be based on the protocol usage and will immediately be claimed by users at the Token Launch. Governance treasury will retain the rest of $OLE supply to distribute on an ongoing basis through contributor grants, community initiatives, liquidity mining, and other programs. Liquidity mining program will also go live at the Token Launch.

OLE Mining and Time Weighted Escrow

$OLE is available through lending, borrowing, liquidation facilitation, yield farming, and revenue sharing after staked into time-weighted escrow. Staked $OLE holders will share 46.6% of the protocol revenue stream, enjoy boost of OLE earning on incentivized pool and fees discount on margin trades.

OLE Launch Date

Please note that the $OLE token will NOT be launched with the mainnet and will be launched later.



A permissionless decentralized lending and margin trading protocol.,

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