Tokenomics Update Proposal — Aug 2022

To strengthen the OpenLeverage tokenomics model and enhance OLE token utility, we are proposing the following changes to the current tokenomics settings and inviting discussion:

  1. Decrease emission for each epoch from approximately 5m to 2.8m OLE.
  2. Extend the vesting schedule for unvested retroactive rewards of the next 11 epochs to 18 months.
  3. Simplify Clans Clash ranking calculation by weight of active lending and trading position, placing more consideration on trading volume.
  4. New rewards are to be distributed to traders by the size and time of the positions, absolute profit, and profit in percentage.
  5. Use $200k from the insurance fund to decrease the circulation supply and incentivize the holding of OLE.
  6. Team allocation vesting schedule changes from locking 3 months at listing then linear vesting 5 years, to locking 12 months from listing then linear vesting through 4 years 3 months.
  7. Increase mining cost:
    a. OLE trading mining cost increase to par, currently at 50%.
    b. OLE/BUSD pair extra rewards reduce from 50% to 5%
    c. xOLE trading acceleration reduce from 240% to 30%
    d. xOLE lending acceleration reduce from 240% to 20%

We invite you to discuss this with us on Tuesday, 30th Aug at 12 PM UTC.



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