Trade More For CAKE Holders

Our community was more enthusiastic about our concluded “Trade More, For More” Campaign than we could have ever imagined. Within 6 days, OpenLeverage grew by $100 million in trading volume and accumulated over $10 million in TVL!

To invite PancakeSwap community members to try out margin trading and lending on OpenLeverage, we are upgrading our Trade More campaign, just for CAKE Holders.

1,172,296 Addresses held CAKE (snapshot on April 11 at 12:00 pm UTC) are invited to join our Trade More, For CAKE Holder Campaign.

The new campaign will last for 8 days, from April 11, 2022, at 12 PM UTC to April 19, 2022, at 12 PM UTC.

Trading Rewards On Volume For CAKE Holders

CAKE holders who open positions with trading volume levels during the campaign will be awarded the corresponding $OLE rewards.

Members who currently hold $CAKE in their trading wallets will be whitelisted onto the campaign. You can confirm CAKE in your wallet by the PancakeSwap icon next to your BNB address.

Trading levels are shown below:

Level 1: Trading Volume $1,000 (160 OLE Reward)
Level 2: Trading Volume $2,500 (300 OLE Reward)
Level 3: Trading Volume $5,000 (600 OLE Reward)
Level 4 :Trading Volume $7,500 (900 OLE Reward)
Level 5: Trading Volume $10,000 (1,200 OLE Reward)
Level 6: Trading Volume $20,000 (2,400 OLE Reward)
Level 7: Trading Volume $30,000 (3,800 OLE Reward)
Level 8:Trading Volume $50,000 (6,400 OLE Reward)
Level 9: Trading Volume $80,000 (10,400 OLE Reward)
Level 10: Trading Volume $100,000 (13,400 OLE Reward)

For example, if a member reaches $30,000 in trading volume during the campaign, they’ll earn a fixed amount of 3,800 $OLE.

Please note that volume count only includes opening positions, but not closing positions.

Referral Program and Invitation League

Invite your friends who hold $CAKE to get on the Invitation League, where 46.6% of the trading fees will be distributed to the 3 top referrers at the end of each epoch. Of the pool, first place will receive 50%, second place will receive 30%, and third place will receive 20%.

The Referral Program is also live, where you can get up to 25% of your friend’s rewards. For example, if your friends earn 100 OLE tokens, you can earn 25 OLE tokens. Your friends earn and you can get rewarded, too.

Invite your friends to maximize your rewards and start trading here.

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A permissionless decentralized lending and margin trading protocol.,

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A permissionless decentralized lending and margin trading protocol.,

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