Weekly Mission 7 is Here!

2 min readNov 10, 2021


Greetings from Argos!
Over the past month, over 3.5k users have tested our Testnet V2. We have been overwhelmed by the support and love we have received from you all. Your positive feedback have always and continue to inspire us to put the best effort into our endeavors.

Weekly Mission 7 — Write an article for OpenLeverage.

📌 How to participate:

The Weekly Mission 7 is open to everyone!

Write an article for OpenLeverage. You can express your experience or technical analysis. Publish your article on Medium, Reddit, or any crypto-related social media (such as bitcointalk, 4Chan, etc.). Then post a link to your article on our Discord #weekly mission 7 channel.
(ps. Posts should be a minimum of 300 words, in any languages.)

🏆 Prizes:

We’ll pick the top 3 writers and reward them each with 500 $OLE*, and 50 runner-ups will be each be rewarded 200 $OLE*.

⌛️ Article Submission Deadline:

24:00 (UTC), November 17, 2021.

📜 These are the rules:

  • One article per person and it should be your original work. If you copy/paste or link to content that isn’t yours, you will be excluded from this and future activities.
  • Be sure you post a link on our Discord #weekly mission 7 channel so that we don’t miss it and contact each other easily if you are a winner, runner up (and/or we want to talk to you about becoming a regular paid writer.)
  • Any images used should either be your own or from a copyright-free source.

📌 Terms and Conditions:

By submitting your work, you authorize OpenLeverage to share them on social media and promote them as community content. You retain full ownership of your content, but by submitting you are granting OpenLeverage permission to share it in perpetuity.


*All Weekly Mission rewards will be distributed after $OLE gets launched!

Be sure to submit your article link in the #Weekly Mission 7 Channel!

For more details about Testnet V2, click here.