Winners List of Weekly Mission 2

The second Weekly Mission was completed on Wednesday, Sep 1st. We want to express our appreciation again to all of you who participated. We received a lot of great articles and inspirational ideas. Here we announce final winners. Congrats to all winners!

Important Notice:

  • What to receive: future $OLE tokens after its launched.
  • How to claim: find Rachel in Discord and send her your ERC-20 address.
  • How to receive: $OLE will be airdropped to you once launched.
  • When to receive: after $OLE token launch, which is planed after main net launch.
  • This is NOT an Airdrop for every user, but only designated for whom participated and won the Weekly Mission 2.
  • Future Weekly Missions are coming up. Follow our Twitter to keep track on upcoming events!
  • Have questions regarding this? Please find Rachel in Discord.

Click to see the list of article winners.

Don’t forget to leave us a word on Twitter to spread your joy!



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